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[IP] re: procedure for getting stem cells

Ginny wrote :
>... And I wouldn't for my children either-they are young adults and
>are Pro-Life and they wouldn't accept such a treatment either nor would
>for their children.Ginny

But, I WOULD accept such a treatment for my child. Especially considering
that the fertilized eggs will otherwise be discarded.  I would accept it in
a heartbeat.  However, I do not mind if Ginny and her grown children do not
accept it. That is their right.

But, I would like to pose a question to you, Ginny. And to anyone else who
would like to chime in. This stems from a real situation we had in a nearby
town a few years ago. There was a family who were Christian Scientists of
the "total" sort. Their daughter, age 12, had diabetes. They refused to give
her insulin, and by the time CPS got the case to court, the child had died.
They were following their religious beliefs. By their religious standards,
we would all be wrong in giving our children insulin. Yet, Ginny, and the
rest of us here, feel we are doing no ill in using insulin. Do you all
believe we should stop the use of insulin, and let our children die, because
some followers of one religion believe it to be wrong?

All I am asking is the right to benefit from stem cell research. I do not
ask Ginny, or others who agree with her to accept the treatment, if and when
it materializes. They have the right to opt out. However, I am NOT sure a
minority of Americans have the right to make the rest of us follow their

I do, however, believe it helps to hear or read all sides.  And, I am happy
we seem able to do so in a civil   manner here.

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