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Re: [IP] News to me

Regarding whether plastic cartridges should be prefilled, Shelia was
told by her supplier that they should not because the plastic contains a
protein that binds to the insulin, making it less effective.  To which
Terry replied:
> Plastic has no protein!!!
> Terry

And Sheila responded thusly:
> That's exactly what I said but I figured I better check this out just to
> give her the benefit of the doubt.  I asked her to provide documentation of
> the study she sited and she said she couldn't find it.  ????
> Disetronic said that that was false info.  She said that Disetronic didn't
> know what they were talking about.  ?????  A little bold I say.
> I'll keep you all posted if the study ever turns up.
> Sheila

My first impression is that Shelia's supplier is incorrect.  But, while
plastic doesn't contain protein, perhaps the lubricant contains some
protein, or perhaps the insulin binds some non-proteinaceous component
of the cartridge.  If insulin does bind, then that binding would have to
be either a very slow reaction or a weak interaction.  Otherwise, such
cartridges could not be used at all.

The real questions are:  Do you notice a difference in insulin
effectiveness between cartridges filled directly before use and those
stored for some time?  If you used any of the glass cartridges that they
sent, did that insulin seem more effective?  If the answers to these
questions are "No," then if there is binding of insulin in the
cartridge, it is not significant.

--Tad Seyler
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