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Re: [IP] How is DKA treated?


This is Missi, Mom to Rachel (4).  Since diagnosis, and she wasn't sick at 
diagnosis, Rachel has experienced DKA twice.  Once at 1 year and again this 
past May, 27 months.  The first time she was placed in the hospital for 
three days and was given insulin injections frequently and monitored 
closely.  I don't remember if she had an IV.  This past May she was in ICU 
for two days and on the ward for 1 day.  She had 4 IV's going...1 saline, 1 
insulin, 1 glucose and the other hmmm...  I don't remember.  This continued 
with venuses gases every two hours and BG checks then too.  Once she was 
well enough, we were able to reconnect her pump and she left ICU for a 
regular room.  She was in moderate DKA, but nearly unconcious, so she 
didn't fight anything.  It is a very scary situation and one in which the 
parents feel helpless.  Ours was complicated by our oldest daughter (my 
step daughter) telling everyone that I did this to my child on purpose.  I 
feel very deeply for Colby's family as I understand what is going through 
their minds.  Hope this helps out some.

Also, Yermichael just recently posted this about management of DKA.

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Mom to Rachel and Blossom, 4 today!

At 03:59 PM 7/9/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Just curious after reading about Colby - luckily, we've never had to deal
>with DKA, so please educate me!  I just assumed that treatment  would be
>to give insulin to bring down the blood sugar, then it would be over.
>But obviously, not so......
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