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Re: [IP] Pumping Insulin book

> "I don't think the remark about the $20. book was meant to be nasty...it was
> just logic.
> Hang in there.  I recently joined the group and am learning a great deal.
> Much luck to your son.
> Ellie"
This is correct - I have added the original post below. The person was
criticizing the Pumping Insulin Book without having read the full book. I was
just trying to focus from a different direction. As for an additional poster
who said that it is usually insurance that pays for the pump - yes that is
true - but the point still remains that while considering a very expensive
piece of equipment the cost of a book - which MOST people find excellent
information - is minor.  (and there is always ebay to sell back on or the
amazon.com used book section).  Linda & Dax

"I've heard so many recommendations for the PI book, but am reluctant to buy
it.   [especially since I'm just looking for pregnancy info at the moment) I
was given the 2nd edition from my endo, but didn't think it was that great.
I never even read the whole book.  Is the newest edition that different?  I
hate to spend money on something that will just sit on the bookshelf.  I am
really a comparison shopper.  I have to check out all options before making
the purchase!   :-)

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