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Re: [IP] How do you deal with Airports?

Brian said,
"I have never asked anyone this before but here goes. How do you deal with
>airport security personnel?"

I thought I'd just share what I do--since it seems like I've been in 
airports a lot lately!  (ok, not a ton, but 8 times in the last month 
between picking people up and flying off myself.)  I've been stopped two out 
of those 8 times.  I wear my pump on my waistband normally, and I think 
(although am not sure) it was visible each time I went through the security 
system.  Anyway, both times when stopped, I explained that I was wearing an 
insulin pump and that I would prefer to walk through the metal detector and 
they could scan it if they wanted to, but I didn't want to take it off 
because I didn't have a cover to protect the "tubing part" as one security 
guard called it.  The one guard let me off with this explanation, with the 
other I showed them that yep, it really was connected by some plastic tubing 
and therefore was a rather unusual pager if that is what they thought it 
was, and I also showed them my medical ID card.  It seems to me that most 
security personnel are friendly enough, and are just trying to do their 
jobs, as much of a pain as that is to me at times:)  I've been told that 
medical identification of some sort really helps and have found this to be 
true.  Anyway, that is what I do.  Best of luck to you on your next airport 
trip!  Tricia, pumping 11 months and 3 days:)
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