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[IP] How do you deal with Airports?

I have never asked anyone this before but here goes. How do you deal with
airport security personnel?

Last night I went to the airport to pick someone up. As I was going through
the metal detectors the guard noticed that I had something on my belt, my
D-Tron. She asked what it was and I explained that it was a medical device.
She asked me to remove it to be scanned by the X-Ray machine.  I explained
that I could not, or rather really didn't want to because I thought that
putting the end of the tubing (I didn't have a cover with me) on the
conveyor belt was less than sanitary. Also she noticed that in the items
from my pocket was a roll of glucose tablets. She took these and examined
them and then wanted to know what they were. I explained that they were
glucose tablets to treat an insulin reaction. She had a real skeptical look
on her face and then called another guard over.

I then spent the next few minutes having a guard look at my pump and try to
figure out what it was and then look at the glucose tablets. They eventually
let me go after I offered them a tablet if they wanted to check it out or
not. Not a huge deal just very inconvenient.

My question to you all is how do you deal with stuff like this?

Thanks for any info!

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