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[IP] Re: Stem Cell Research

> I wonder if there is anyone else out there on this list who agrees with me
> that stem cell research on embryonic cells is morally wrong.  

Yes, but many have also investigated it, including
many pro lifers like Strom Thurmand, Orrin Hatch,
etc. and have come to the conclusion that there is
no moral problem with using stem cells that would be
flushed to help save your daughters life.

> I have a
> 6-year-old daughter with Type 1 Diabetes.  I would give anything for a cure
> to be found, but I cannot believe using another life to find a cure for hers
> is the answer.
> Barb Dame

The question is still would you rather have these
stem cells destroyed or used to 'possibly' find a
cure for your daughter?  The Clinton administrations
restrictions safeguard against any other use or
source of stem cells.  

Look in the archives for the posts and web sites
that will help explain these arguments and the
safeguards that are involved.  If a cure is found,
using stem cells, would you not allow your daughter
to use it because of the 'immoral' source of the
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