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[IP] News to me.

Since moving to Texas I have had to switch my supplier of my pump supplies
to Medical Pumps and Supplies Inc. of Johnson City, Texas.  (Owned a
operated by Gary and Cathy Gilstrap)

I had ordered Plastic cartridges and was sent glass for my H-Tron pump.  I
called to get the ordered corrected and was asked if I prefill my plastic
cartridges.  I said, "Yes".  I fill six at a time.  She (Cathy) said that
you cannot prefill the plastic cartridges.  Her reason was that Plastic
contains a protein and the insulin binds to it making it less effective.
???????  Has anyone ever heard this before?  She also said she should know
because she is a Pharmacist.  Also does anyone else use this supplier?  I
think they are hokey but it's the only one I can use because of the contract
Tricare Southwest Region (Military Insurance) has with them.  (that whole
subject there is another post in itself)

I'm going to call Disetronic to see what they say.  If you have any info for
me pleas email me privately because I get the digest and usually only skim
through it.

Sheila Morris
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