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Everybody has a right to their opinion and everybody's opinion is valuable.
With that said, here is mine. If these stem cells are being thrown out (i.e.
destroyed) after 3 month anyway why not put them to use? For some, I can see
how they would feel that a fertilized egg was/is a "person". The concept of
when life begins is a very gray area. These fertilized eggs have been
discarded ever since fertility clinics opened. I have never seen any
opposition to the eggs being discarded - they are no longer viable. So
instead of discarding them, why not let the medical profession try and find
a cure. I am not asking them to give up the fertilized eggs prior to the 3
month when they are usable, just after the fertility clinics are going to
throw them out. To me, it is like organ donation. If the body isn't going to
live anyway, then by all means let it benefit somebody else. In some cases,
bodies are kept on life support (i.e. brain dead patients) to allow for more
time to find a recipient and more time for the transplant. Or with new and
very risky test procedures like the artificial heart. They knew the patient
was going to die in a relatively short period of time. So why not try to
extend his life (even if for a month) and help others that will benefit in
the future.  I don't see this as an issue of the medical profession trying
to kill off future babies - only to do research on cells that are being
terminated anyway. To me there is no moral issue. The cells would be used
for research to help people with Diabetes, Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's,
Cancer, Heart Disease, Spinal Cord Injury, and many others. Obviously,
diabetes has had a major impact on my life. But I also have friends and
family members, who have been affected by cancer, heart disease, and
Alzheimer's. It is hard to find a person, whose life has not been touched by
one of these major diseases.  I have sent out several personal pleas to
friends, family, and acquaintances asking them to support stem cell research
and to tell their local government reps and Pres. Bush of their support. I
got the following link from a previous post from this IP list. It was much
easier than I thought it would be _ I just filled out my name, address, and
email address and they faxed the letter for me! Thank you to whomever
provided the original link. It seems by the return letter to Katie (the 6
year girl) from President Bush that my efforts might have been in vain. But
I will never know unless I try my best. Most of my friends, family and even
acquaintances have emailed me back stating they sent a fax too, along with a
brief personal story of who, in their lives, were affected by one the
diseases, which my benefit from research. Please, if you have made your
decision in support of the research, please click on the following link and
tell Pres Bush. If you have already done so, please email the link to your
family/friends/acquaintances. And if you have done that THANK YOU from the
bottom of my heart. 
(who can't wait for the day when she will NEVER again have to read of a
child in severe DKA, chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant or radical heart
surgery with only a 1 in 5 chance of survival. My thought and prayers are
with Colby and his family.

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