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[IP] re:stem cell research

>I wonder if there is anyone else out there on this list who agrees with me
>that stem cell research on embryonic cells is morally wrong.  I have a
>6-year-old daughter with Type 1 Diabetes.  I would give anything for a cure
>to be found, but I cannot believe using another life to find a cure for
>is the answer.Barb Dame

Barb, Although I think this is of course a very personal matter, I wonder if
you are aware that the stem cells to be used are NOT from aborted fetuses?
They are from left-over fertilized eggs which are at fertility clinics.
Fertility doctors, in doin in-vitro fertilization typically have many
fertilized eggs left over. Alas, these normally are simply thrown out after
the mothers have a successful pregnancy. They cannot be given to anyone
They are not fetuses yet. They are in petri dishes.
In my opinion, after much thought, I think it is preferable that the cells
be used. I am a Roman Catholic, and I have a great deal of respect for life.
Still this has been my conclusion. I would feel differently if the source
were different.
Katie Black
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