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[IP] Email virus checker

I have received this from Fred Langa's Langalist (a
list which gives corrections, helps and hints on
many computer things), because of the virus many of
us received, I thought it may be of use to some.  I
was suspicious of the virus email because I am on
the digest but got it as a regular email.    I tried
this test and found that I should upgrade my
defenses.  It did no harm

Test Your Email Defenses

     You can e-mail yourself a VBS file to test
     how well your system is protected against
malicious scripts.
     The VBS script is harmless, but it contains
code that a virus
     might use. (This way you can simulate a VBS
virus arriving
     without risking infecting your system.)

The test page is at

It generates and sends a simple email with a VBS
attachment; when you
receive it and run it, the script attempts to read
(but not alter) your
registry. If a hostile script could get that far, it
could do harm, and
that's the point of this harmless test: Your
defenses should at least
give you plenty of warning about the script, and
ideally, prevent it
from running at all.
email @ redacted
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