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[IP] Getting used to the pump

Jan wrote:
<I can't get used to wearing the pump.  Does that take some time? I'm totally 
motivated about the pump, but I can't get used to wearing it!  I've been 
tossing and turning for five hours.  In desparation I finally got up and took 
it off.  Has anyone else had trouble with this?  All the posts I've read so 
far, everyone seems to have taken to the pump like a duck to water.  I hope I 
haven't made a mistake.>
Jan, it takes awhile, trust me.  I had been taking shots for 35 years before 
going on the pump.  The first night I was on it, I was frantically looking in 
the fridge for my insulin bag -- then I just stopped and said, "Hey, I don't 
have to do that anymore, it's right here in my pocket."
It was winter time when I started pumping and I had a flannel dorm shirt with 
a buttoned breast pocket.  It didn't bother me at all.  But if I don't have 
any pockets in my night clothes, I just put the pump under me, kind of under 
my pillow.  I do wake up if it's tugging on me from moving around, but I just 
pull it "free" and roll over.  I know some people on the list put their pump 
in a baby sock and pin it to their night clothes.  Great idea, I just haven't 
tried it yet. 

Sally =o)
IDDM for 36.5 of my 38 years
Assimilated : 7 December 1999
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