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Re: [IP] Pumping Insulin book

Hi Lyndy and all,

I understand about the bad days... I've had nothing but bad and sad days since 10
August 1998.  I was surprised  (with the harshness of a listers post) because I
thought it was different over here... with 3000+ people, you'd think that people
would spend a little more time thinking about how their words will affect
others.  Yes, I used to be a PITA on that other incredible list, but they had
"only" 600 people.  8)  And all but one or two were my "friends".   I can handle
it when it's directed at me, but I don't particularly care for it so much when
it's directed at someone else.  It is a bummer that we can't share our facial
contortions etc. when sending e-mail as that would clear up many

Nicky is doing well with his D-Tron, though we are still wrestling a tiny bit
with his basals.  That is ok though, because we knew from this list and the CWD
list that it usually gets a little worse in the beginning before it gets better.
We seem to be on our way to getting better, and Nicky loves the pump.  When I
wore it for a few days (with Saline) I felt like that other newbie pumper...
weird when I slept with it... when I had to go to the bathroom, disconnecting for
the shower etc..., but after the first 2 nights and days, I almost forgot that I
was wearing it.  Nicky is almost 6, and is extremely interested in anything
technological, so we let him bolus (WITH supervision).  Even Gigi and I are
calculating the boluses in our heads now.  8)  Who thought we should ever pay
attention in school???  I guess it's a good thing that Gigi did.  8)

I am not on the other list anymore due to sjw... I think he posts here too.  All
might consider being wary of that person if you know who I mean.  8)   WGA,CA!

As for pumping, our Disetronic rep, who I believe peruses this list, was and
continues to be incredible.  His name, of course, is Brad Saks, and he has BEEN
THERE for us for everything... from paging him at 3:45am, to teaching just about
my whole family and neighborhood about the D-Tron, to setting up basals, to the
promised "in school" visit for Nicky's 1st grade teacher, the nurse, and the
Principal, etc..  When he says that "if anything goes wrong, call me at any time
and I will get you a loaner pump within 2 hours", I believe him.   I am only
slightly embarrassed to admit that Gigi has spoken more to Brad than she has to
me since Nicky started pumping!  8)

Regards to all,

father of Nicky, 5 7/8, dxd 8/10/98, D-Tron pumping since 6/22/01, and Mikey, 4.
Husband of the beautiful and smart Gigi.
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