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[IP] ace inhibitors w/o any kidney damage

 I have heard several times that Ace inhibitors can be
used to prevent damage, not just to slow it. My
story's a little weird-I asked my endo about starting
me on it, he said yes, it's a good idea (I'm 17 and
have had diabetes over 12 yrs, no complications
though), and told me to ask insurance which ones they
cover. Well, between that visit and the next with him
my migraines were acting up. My primary care physician
couldn't give anything to prevent them but said he'd
heard that ace inhibitors might be effective in
preventing migraines..so he put me on 5mg of Zestril.
6 weeks later, my blood pressure had gone UP and
become borderline high blood pressure. He upped the
dose to 10mg. I asked him (at this point I was on 7
pills a day and I AM only 17) about which pills can we
stop..only one he was willing to was birth control but
I need that for endometriosis)  and I specifically
asked about the Zestril...NOPE he thinks it's a good
preventitive measure since I have been diabetic for so
long. HE doesn't seem to remember why I started on it
but is keeping me on it b/c of the POTENTIAL benefits.
No complaints there. However, b/c of hte blood
pressure et al and READING that aspirin can help
prevent diabetic retinopathy, I asked about starting
on aspirin..no luck> I hvae some bad stomacn problems
and NSAIDS do me in so that was ruled out quickly..
 SO yes I would say it is a preventitive measure. They
were just going to start me on them, but I asked to do
a 24 hr urine before starting..results were fine so
there wasnt any damage before I started..

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