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Re: [IP] Re: Getting used to the pump

In a message dated 7/8/2001 2:27:08 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I'm up writing this 
>  post because I can't get used to wearing the pump.  Does that take some 
>   I'm totally motivated about the pump, but I can't get used to wearing it! 

My experience as a saline pumper (I don't have type 1, my daughter does) was 
that taking the pump off & putting it on made me notice the pump a lot more 
in the beginning than once I just put it on and left it on . . Kinda like how 
I don't even feel my wedding ring . . .

As far as sleeping goes, you'll have to experiement with what is comfortable 
for you.  Some people like their pump close to them at night and either wear 
it on a soft belt, clipped to their PJ top or bottoms, or in a PJ pocket.  My 
daughter (who uses the long tubing) just tucks her pump under a corner of her 
pillow.  For me, I found that just putting it in the bed next to me (between 
shoulder & waist height ) was what was most comfortable.  One thing that 
helps with being a successful pumper is the willingness to experiment -- so 
just take this as your first experiment . . . You'll figure it out -- it just 
might take a little time . . .

Good Luck!
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