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[IP] Re: Getting used to the pump

Jan wrote:

<<Tonight I
tried again with saline, its the middle of the night, I'm up writing this
post because I can't get used to wearing the pump.  Does that take some
 I'm totally motivated about the pump, but I can't get used to wearing it!
I've been tossing and turning for five hours.  In desparation I finally got
up and took it off. >>


Yes, it does take some time to get used to wearing your pump, especially at
night.  With experimentation and time you'll find out what works best for
you.  Some pumpers just put it in the bed next to them (I find this
uncomfortable for me, since I worry about it all night then), others clip it
to their jammies, some put it in baby socks and pin it to their nightshirts
or jammies, some, like me (who don't wear jammies to bed) find other ways to
wear their pump.  My disetronic came with a cloth bag that you can wear
comfortably around your neck like a necklace.  That's how I've chosen to
wear mine.  I have some pumper friends who tell me they couldn't stand to
wear it that way.  Everyone is different and we all find different ways to
cope with our pumps during the night.  And, since it's so new to you,
perhaps part of your discomfort is due to worrying about what might happen
to it during the night?  After a few nights, you'll get more comfortable
with it.  Don't get discouraged, it will get easier after a bit.

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