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Re: [IP] Stem cell info and writing Prez...

From: "Vicki Reed" <email @ redacted>
My Katie, age 6 wrote to President Bush about 4 months ago...we just 
received a reply last week.  It was the standard form letter about how all 
diseases are important to him and he particularly goes on about breast 
cancer and how he will not fund stem cell research...blah blah blah...they 
sent this to a six year old!!...I was so disappointed.

Vicki & Katie,
It is disappointing to get form letters back from our elected officials.  And
while it seems that no one read her particular letter & understood that she is
a 6 year old w/ diabetes, what you & she did still make a difference.  I've
been calling & writing all spring to President Bush, the Texas senators & my
rep.  Each individual call or letter or email doesn't make a difference.  But
the sum total of them does!  Conservative leaders like Orrin Hatch & Strom
Thurmond would not have come out in favor of this research without us voicing
our support.

So if you feel strongly about stem cell research, especially using embryonic
stem cells, then I encourage you to add your voice - whichever way you feel
about it.  That's our system, and it does work.  And if you need to know more,
I recommend: http://www.jdrf.org/research/stemcell/stemcellinfo.php.
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 6, pumping 3/5/01

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