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[IP] Re: single and scared

I am sorry to hear about your husband leaving you. It is scary living on your
own but with the support of others, you can do it. Look at it as a challenge,
not a burden.

I denied having problems with my hypoglycemia before too. I work out in the
public and that is not what I wanted to have is hypoglycemia in public or when
I was sleeping. I am assuming you have the pump, You can make modifications to
your basal rates, check your blood sugar more often, charting to see if there
is a cycle. I was told now on the pump you don't have to live to a set meal
time whereas eating to prevent hypoglycemia. Our diabetes educator taught us
to run tests for checking to see if the basal rate is correct by purposely
delaying meals, checking every hour and charting BS. Our diabetes educator
told us to "get control of diabetes before the diabetes controls you". She is
a smart lady. Yes, having diabetes stinks but it can be maintained and made
better with limitations. These lows can cause complications so it would be
advisable to take preventative measures. Stress can make blood sugars out of
control, so it is important to take good care-Thanks for writing in, now you
have us all praying for you and wishing you the best though this troubling
time. Best wishes, Sharon
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