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[IP] I am having problems finding good sites.

I am now using the bent needle ,but still having problems with good bg's
and one will only last about a day and half at the most.
Yesterday I changed four times. Getting very discussed. I finally took
pump off and took a shot but even then I was at 190 this
morning, so put pump back on. I am not  giving up yet.
 MM sent a representative out to try and help me. She said she can see I
have difficult with finding good sitter am very insulin resistant.
I am really getting tired of trying to find good sites. When I do find
one the pump is great. I tried my arm too. No good exorption.
Does anyone else have this problem?  Has their ever been a study to see
if their is some people who can't use the pump?
Injections don't work either. I am on my fourth Endo. I know most of you
are Diabetes 1.

I have 2, but let me tell you it is very difficult dealing with this. I
tried medication which I can't take and also humalin R with humalog.
I am getting larger in stomach I have to use so much insulin.
Any suggestions:? Thank you,  Shirley
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