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[IP] Re: Getting used to the pump

I received my new pump about a week and a half ago.  I'm watching the video, 
reading the manual.  I bought Pumping Insulin.  I'm writing down what I'm 
eating, learning to count carbs.  A few days ago I tried the pump for a 
couple of hours with saline, used the sof-serter, no problem.  Tonight I 
tried again with saline, its the middle of the night, I'm up writing this 
post because I can't get used to wearing the pump.  Does that take some time? 
 I'm totally motivated about the pump, but I can't get used to wearing it!  
I've been tossing and turning for five hours.  In desparation I finally got 
up and took it off.  Has anyone else had trouble with this?  All the posts 
I've read so far, everyone seems to have taken to the pump like a duck to 
water.  I hope I haven't made a mistake.

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