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Re: [IP] Single and scared !

Hello.   I am so sorry to read what you have been thru.  My daughter Katie 
is six and we also live in the ALbuquerque area (and Brian was Katie's nurse 
and a great one at that at UNM)...I always tell my hubby if there is no not 
to be a cure for diabetes then the one thing I pray and wish for is that my 
daughter will find a man who loves her enough to care about her illness and 
not look at it as a burden...someone who will check her bg in the middle of 
the night so she can get a decent;s night rest once in a while.  And while I 
don't know the pain of the exact situation you are going thru...I can 
sympathize with you because even being the parent of a child with diabetes 
causes you to feel the lonliness the illness can often bring....friends 
don't come around as much anymore...Katie can't go to her friends houses 
anymore....people tell me I obsess about the illnes and it's all I can ever 
talk about anymore....plus all my energy is spent working with the jdrf, 
researching,etc...to make my daughters life better.  I pray for you that 
things will start looking brighter again....if you ever need to talk to 
someone please feel free to contact me....Take care,
Vicki mom to katie 6 dx'd 11/00

>From: Brian Carter <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: Re: [IP] Single and scared !
>Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2001 01:14:44 -0600
>At 12:04 AM 7/7/01, you wrote:
>>I'm having a very difficult time with my self esteem right now.  I was
>>married to a man for 34 years,and he left me 2 months ago. His reason was 
>>couldn't live with the uncertainty of my hypoglcemic attacks anymore.  My
>>control of my diabetes has been very precarious since I started keeping
>>tight control of my blood sugars, and as a result I'm on my own now, 
>>and praying that I can make it on my own, of course I've been using my
>>physician more and working with a CDE, who is also a nutritionist, but I 
>>not have any close friends in the Albuquerque area who I can relate to 
>>this change in my Life.  I feel scared, I do not sleep at night, and have 
>>motivation do do anything. Maybe I've been in denial about my disease for
>>the last 43 years, and I desperately hope to find a  man who I can be
>>interdependent with and still have support. Any suggestions out there?
>Sorry to include the entire message in the reply but I thought it was
>appropriate here. I am also sending the message to you personally.
>I know all to well how you feel about being alone with this disease.  There
>are nights that I don't sleep because of the feel of going low and not
>waking up or waking up with just enough energy and time to barely make it
>to the kitchen or to the juice at my beside.   I have also been with a few
>people that could not except those things that I must do or the fears that
>I have every day..  Lets just say that this has taken a toll on my social
>life and has put that since of uncertainty in my mind when dating or that
>fear of rejection on those things which I can not change.  I have even had
>some people say that I am "to wrapped up" with my disease because of my
>ambitions and my being "vocal" on the subject of Diabetes.
>A little about myself.  I am almost 24 (Sorry Sam.. Can't make the
>announcement this year I took my B-Day off of ICQ  he he) and moved to
>Albuquerque last summer.  I work at the Childrens Hospital.  Who is your
>Endo and the CDE are they from UNMH? (if so it is Burge or Kirsten
>sp?).  Well If you ever need to talk just email me and I would love to talk
>sometime. or if you like I know several other diabetics here in town 2 of
>which are MDs one is an Endo the other is a Pediatrician that works with
>another Endo.
>Well hope to talk to you soon.
>Brian Carter
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