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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #268

Julie wrote:

' ... am
scheduled to get the Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor (CBGM) on Tuesday,
10th.  However, my basals are sort of out of whack ...
Just wondering - will the CBGM be ineffective for me until I straighten the
basals out??'

No, it won't be ineffective.  It will make your basal tinkering MORE
effective, because you'll know what's going on and what direction and how
much to adjust things.  My team told me to leave my dosages alone and do
what I was normally doing for the three days of the test.  The test is most
useful if it can see a pattern over the three days, and then your basals
and/or carb ratio can be adjusted appropriately and in the right direction.
More data points make trends easier to spot.  AFTER you've had the test and
made adjustments, you may need to do more testing to make sure it is working
as planned.

Hope this helps,
Kathy Trondsen
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