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[IP] Single and scared!

I read all your responses so far... and I concur and don't want to be 
redundant... I think you got a lot of good responses and ideas...

One person mentioned a support group.  I was thinking that it would be worth 
looking into both a diabetes support group (maybe Brian knows of one in your 
area) as well as a newly divorced/single people's group.  I know in my area 
(Chicago) there are a number of such groups.  I would be helpful to bond with 
others going through what you are, particularly after having been with 
someone for so many years.

The other thing that occurred to me, as I read you post, is, (and I agree 
with others, that I can't imagine that after 34 years of marriage, your 
spouse suddenly couldn't 'take' all the hypoglycemia) could you possibly be 
running your sugars more/too low lately?  Have you made some changes?  Are 
you hypoglymic very frequently?  Are you having to go the hospital/passing 
out?  Just wanted to check and be safe... as I'm sure you know, running it 
too low can be dangerous, too.

As an aside, I have always been very upfront with anyone I'm with about the 
diabetes.  If it off-putting to them, I would have nothing more to do with 
them!  My God!  Who knows what could happen to them!  I know it's easier said 
than done, but if anything... I think I have been more respected because I'm 
probably a little (and unfortunately for my health, only a little, more 
health-conscious than the average person).  I've also found that I click 
better with people that are somewhat health-oriented, at a minimum.

Hope this helps!  And good luck!

Julie :)
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