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Re: [IP] starting basel rates

According to the pumping insulin book, your bolus should be about 1 unit for
every 9 grams of carb, but that may  be too much. I would start out on the
conservative side and do 1 for 15 g. Then adjust from there. If you go low,
go to 1 for  17  or 20,  if you are too high, inch  down to 1 for 9.
If you don't  have the Pumping Insulin book by John Walsh, buy it. It is
definitely a must have. Our endo  and CDE were no real  help, and I started
my son's pump myself. We have  not gotten the control  we should have yet,
but we also  haven't had the follow through with endos or CDE's that we
should. They just kind of left us out to dry. So, now that I have this book,
I feel that if I had had it in the beginning, we would have been MUCH closer
to real control than we are.
Julie, Mom to Jared 15, dx'd 5/99, pumping Disetronic Htron,
Hope 12, Mitchell 9
Elkmont, AL
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