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I am sure most of us are up-to-date on our virus knowledge and protection
but just in case. On the IP Server we can NOT send attached files, which as
stated in a previous posts, prevents viruses from being spread and prevents
sending huge files.  Late Friday night, I got a email sent from
email @ redacted with a virus. The corrupt attached file is
Humor.TXT.pif. The email contained part of my postings regarding carb
ratios. It contained a known virus TROJ_BADTRANS.A  and my virus software
deleted the file (luckily for me). So just a little forewarning do not open
any attachment on an email unless you are confident. Some viruses can send
themselves to everyone in your contact/friends/email buddies lists usually
with a very generic letter like "check this out, buddy!". This one was
embedded in a pif file and passed along solely by user error. The sender may
or may know that they sent and have a virus. A safe policy is to delete any
attachment WITHOUT opening it unless you have previously spoken to the
sender and was aware that it was coming and agreed to receive the
attachment. Running virus software is a must in my opinion but they only
find and delete KNOWN viruses - they will not protect you unless you have
updated you virus software and only if that particular virus is on the
"virus list" of your software. (This would be the majority of the time but
there are new viruses being written as we speak.) Most virus companies
update their packages at least monthly, which you can download the update
once you buy the program, so I am off to update mine one more time - just in

( very cautious but definitively not a virus expert)
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