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Re: [IP] Single and scared !

Sharyn Brady wrote:
> I'm on my own now, hoping
> and praying that I can make it on my own, of course I've been using my
> physician more and working with a CDE, who is also a nutritionist, but I do
> not have any close friends in the Albuquerque area who I can relate to about
> this change in my Life.  I feel scared, I do not sleep at night, and have no
> motivation do do anything. Maybe I've been in denial about my disease for
> the last 43 years, and I desperately hope to find a  man who I can be
> interdependent with and still have support. Any suggestions out there?
> Sharyn

i've had t1 DM for 17 years and the last 10 of these have lived by
myself in a fairly isolated environment. this included a couple of years
before going on the pump when my control was totally out of whack. it
may just be the way i am, but i think the best thing you can do is learn
how to handle the daily ups and downs by yourself. it is not impossible.
test a lot, keep records, and learn how to adjust dosage.

lack of motavation and sleeping points towards possible major
depression. this is common among long-term diabetics and makes good
control almost impossible, in my opinion because of biochemical
difficulties. if you suspect this seek out treatment. major depression
when you're young is bad enough, it gets worse when you're older,
especially if untreated for a long period of time. it is just as
important to treat major depression as it is DM, not least because they
both make the other worse.

email me off list if i can help, and remember noone can help you with
your condition as well as you can. a support group is an awfully good
idea, have you checked any out?

chris parsons
T1 84 HTRON Plus 99
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