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Re: [IP] starting basel rates

> Hi everyone,
> Do any of you remember what your starting Basel rates where when you
> first started pumping?  My endo's nurse called me and said 1.5 from
> 12 to 8 and 8 to 10, I said what about 11 to 12 she said he was gone
> and it was probably the same.  Also I asked about bolus and she said
> he did not write nothing down for that.  Is that something the CDE
> should configure for me?  I am having a terrible time hooking up
> with her and getting her to return calls so I can get started, I am
> ready to just try it myself, I know that is not wise just really
> eager to get going.  Thanks for any info. Brenda

READ the sections in Pumping Insulin on profiling fasting basal 
rates. Also see the HOWTO pages of the web site. Whether you do it or 
the CDE does it, the information needed is the same if you want to 
GET IT RIGHT. It's not to hard but go slow and take your time.

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