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Re: [IP] Single and scared !

At 12:04 AM 7/7/01, you wrote:
>I'm having a very difficult time with my self esteem right now.  I was
>married to a man for 34 years,and he left me 2 months ago. His reason was he
>couldn't live with the uncertainty of my hypoglcemic attacks anymore.  My
>control of my diabetes has been very precarious since I started keeping
>tight control of my blood sugars, and as a result I'm on my own now, hoping
>and praying that I can make it on my own, of course I've been using my
>physician more and working with a CDE, who is also a nutritionist, but I do
>not have any close friends in the Albuquerque area who I can relate to about
>this change in my Life.  I feel scared, I do not sleep at night, and have no
>motivation do do anything. Maybe I've been in denial about my disease for
>the last 43 years, and I desperately hope to find a  man who I can be
>interdependent with and still have support. Any suggestions out there?


Sorry to include the entire message in the reply but I thought it was 
appropriate here. I am also sending the message to you personally.

I know all to well how you feel about being alone with this disease.  There 
are nights that I don't sleep because of the feel of going low and not 
waking up or waking up with just enough energy and time to barely make it 
to the kitchen or to the juice at my beside.   I have also been with a few 
people that could not except those things that I must do or the fears that 
I have every day..  Lets just say that this has taken a toll on my social 
life and has put that since of uncertainty in my mind when dating or that 
fear of rejection on those things which I can not change.  I have even had 
some people say that I am "to wrapped up" with my disease because of my 
ambitions and my being "vocal" on the subject of Diabetes.

A little about myself.  I am almost 24 (Sorry Sam.. Can't make the 
announcement this year I took my B-Day off of ICQ  he he) and moved to 
Albuquerque last summer.  I work at the Childrens Hospital.  Who is your 
Endo and the CDE are they from UNMH? (if so it is Burge or Kirsten 
sp?).  Well If you ever need to talk just email me and I would love to talk 
sometime. or if you like I know several other diabetics here in town 2 of 
which are MDs one is an Endo the other is a Pediatrician that works with 
another Endo.

Well hope to talk to you soon.

Brian Carter
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