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[IP] digest V5 #263 A-35 MM alarm


Weird timing, but I had my first alarm experience at 4 in the morning and it
was an A-35. I was in a panic and went to look up what that was.I have not
had any problems with my MM507C for the almost three years I have had it.

 I called MM and here is what is was on my pump.  On the lead screw, there
is a black square "box". It has a rectangular metal strip on the front of
it.  That middle strip was not flush with the box .  I had to prime about .5
and pushed the metal strip down with my finger nail .  It "clicked" into
place and that was it.  I was told that happens sometimes when the reservoir
can pop it out of place.
My pump did not "click" with the loud noise it usually does and that is how
I knew something was wrong also. Once the metal piece was flush again, it
returned to normal.

I also was told to change the reservoir, but did not. I do not think you
really have to unless the problem is the lubricated barrel itself not


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<<<Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 16:02:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: catherine popper <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] A-35 Alarm

In light of all the plastic-xonservation (not to
mention saving money), I thought I would try to reuse
my reservoir when I changed my site this morning. I
emptied out the 10 or so units in the reservoir and
put in the insulin as usual, etc.
I was fine half the day until I got an A-35 alarm.
When I called minimed, they had me do the lead scrwe
test and clean it, check the site, prime, couldn't
find a problem. I told him I had reused the reservoir
and he said that the lubrication in it will wear off
if reused (and can cause the alarm). I know he was
trouble-shooting and has to recommend that I always
change the reservoir, but I can't decide if it's hooey
or not. I probably should have re-cycled the syringe
when I refilled it, but I've read posts by people who
don't seem to do this. Any suggestions?
I won't be deterred from reducing my medical waste!
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