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Re: [IP] Anyone taking a low-dose ACE to PREVENT kidney damage -- asopposed to stopping further damage??

My BP well within normal range, triglycerides middle of normal range,
cholesterol normal,last A1c 6.8, was put on 20mg Zocor & 50mg Cozaar due
to an irregularity in EKG Dxed as insignificant mitral regurgitation,
proven not to be with a heart catherization which showed "elevated
filling pressures consistent with cardiomyopathy of either diabetic type
or perhaps due to obesity." No renal problems, no signs or symptons. No
metobolic blood tests until mid-August for follow-up. Linda

 if there is anyone who takes it (Ace inhibitor) as a precautionary
measure (not because of high blood pressure, or kidney problems).
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