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[IP] It's happened to me!!!!!(long)

Okay listen up all of you Walmart shoppers out there!  I bought some strips 
for Josh while waiting for my order to arrive.  They arrived that same day so 
I thought I would go back to Walmart and get my money back.  Box is unopened, 
still in the bag with the receipt.  Very next day NO REFUND because of 
NATIONAL policy at Walmart about no refunds on ALL diabetes related supplies! 
 This is total discrimination and I told the pharmacy manager that.  All he 
could do was apologize  By the way even he was surprised to see that this 
policy is NOT posted either in the pharmacy by the DM products nor is it 
posted at the Refund Desk where he said it was located.  He stated he would 
get that fixed.

  Meanwhile I have spent over 3 hours on the phone with ADA, Advocacy 
Director in Denver, talking to Walmart headquarters in Arkansas.  Well, as it 
stands the district manager has made a deal with my store's manager to go 
ahead a refund me my money at this time.  But I told her I NEED to get the 
policy changed...............well folks, I think I just did it.  I JUST got 
off the phone with, now take down this name for future reference, Keith Cook, 
Pharmacist, at Walmart headquarters in their Operations Development 
Department.  He IS the guy who helps to write the policies for all 
pharmaceuticals for Walmart.  They WILL refund my money, he WILL look into 
possibly changing the policy so that meters and strips are refundable but NOT 
syringes, and lancets due to possible blood contamination issues.  Also, he 
stated that the local pharmacists have in their power the right to make 
individual decisions about these items and if you are a regular customer 
there should be NO PROBLEM with refunding on these types of items!  Contact 
your local Walmart or call your district manager to get these decisions made!

Sorry this was so long.  I just knew that several of you have dealt with this 
in the past!

mom to Joshua....getting her money back!!!  Now to pay for the long distance 
calls I've made!!!!
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