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[IP] Now just Diabetes and Pregnancy--experience is everything

I am not sure that there is a good book on diabetes and pregnancy.  I know, 
having been through two diabetic pregnancies, that there are a whole ton of 
circumstances and changes around being a pregnant diabetic that are hard to 
deal with, especially when you don't know they are coming.  Unfortunately, I 
think the best information I ever got about being a pregnant diabetic came 
through the experience of being one the first time. And, I can thankfully say 
I got it "right" the second time--mostly because everything went wrong the 
first time so I was determined to prevent the same problems the second time.  
I think it's really a "hindsight is 20/20" situation.  But, more then 
anything, I'd say that having knowledgable physicians who are experienced is 
critical---but a strong common sense and willingness to say that sometimes 
the doctor isn't right is also important.  Just live with the same sense of 
understanding of your own diabetes that you follow day in and day out---the 
stuff where you know that not everything works for you.  Otherwise, keep the 
list available for your questions, or select a few of the members who've been 
through the experience as a good source for information.  

dx 3/13/81 (Friday the Thirteenth)
pump 12/28/85
first child 11/2/90
second 10/21/98
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