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Re: [IP] Started pump, now have questions

Dana,   CONGRADULATIONS!!!!  That is FANTASTIC!!!  What set are you using?  
As for the stinging...Yes this sometimes does occur, especially right after a 
new insertion.  After all, you have basically just stabbed yourself.  Your 
nerve endings are a little raw.  Also, if you are on the Disetronic pump it 
delivers the insulin fster than the MM so it will also make it sting a little 
bit.  My son Joshua, 9.5, pumping with Dis H-Tron+ 1.5 years now, using MM 
Quick Sets, complains of stinging often.  He will now break up a large bolus 
and right after insertion will REALLY break it up into sometimes 0.5 units 
increments.  But it does not lat very long!

  About the little red dot, again, you just stabbed yourself so there will be 
a little bit of blood.  If your BGs are alright and everything else seems 
fine then there isn't anything you need to be worried about.  The first time 
I saw the red dot I kept checking to see if it would grow bigger.  Never did! 
 And everything was fine.  Just keep watching and checking, but sounds like 
you did a BEAUTIFUL job!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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