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Re: [IP] MM soft-set

>Can someone tell me the correct order [with the Sof-Set Micro] of the 
>large piece of
>tape, the smaller piece of tape, etc?

The obvious answer is any way that works for you is "right". The way I do 
it is 1)clean the site with soap and water (ie. usually shower first), 2) 
IV Prep (let it dry), 3) apply the set and 4) apply the large clear tape. I 
do not use the smaller tape at all.

I found the issue of avoiding contamination of the cannula and/or the 
adhesive on the wings to originally be a bit difficult. The way I found to 
do it is 1) With the needle guard in-place remove the paper covering on the 
adhesive, 2) remove the needle guard, 3) position the set over the edge of 
the counter so that the cannula is not touching any thing and the insulin 
will not drip on the adhesive and 4) prime the set and the cannula until I 
see several drops. If I am using the Sof-Serter (which I usually do) I put 
the set into the device before step 1.
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