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[IP] Started pump, now have questions

I started my pump today.  The site insertion was so easy I was amazed.  No pain, no problem, VERY SMOOTH.  (And that is what most worried me.)  I did notice that after a large lunch bolus that I had stinging around the area.  No sign of any problem with the site, but I could feel the bolus.  Is this anything to be worried about or am I just hyperattentive because it is so new?  I'm nervous, don't want anything to go wrong.  I'll be checking my BG constantly and I look at the site about every 5 minutes right now!  I don't see blood in it, but there is a red dot where the set enters my abdomen.  Is this anything to be concerned about?  Thanks!  My CDE was so impressed with all of my knowledge, thanks to this list.  She spent 1 hour with me, the shortest pump start she has ever had.  I was familiar with the pump because I took it prior and played with it.  I am ahead of the game thanks to everyone here!

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