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RE: [IP] Stem cell info and writing Prez...

I had to think twice before I sent this email because I hate conflict so
much.  However, as long as we're going to talk about the truth, I really
need to point out a few things.
Your sources of "not opinions, only information" all come from extremely
conservative news sources, one of which boasts being "America's Premier
Conservative Website". Another is the website of the Coalition for Americans
for Research Ethics, an organization founded solely for the purpose of
halting embryonic stem cell research.  There are two sides to every
argument, and I respect your opinion (and that of everyone else).  I feel
compelled, however, to point out that the reason that diabetes stem cell
research is taking place in adult stem cells is because Bush has put a ban,
for the time being, on funding for embryonic stem cell reasearch.  There
hasn't been much of a choice.  Promising research *has* been done in
embryonic stem cells, too.  They have been able to turn the embryonic stem
cells of mice, for example, into insulin-producing beta cells.  Scientists
say they have reason to believe that this could be done in humans.  (And no
one has been able to challenge that with a similar argument for adult stem
Secondly, these "embryos" about which you write are fertilized eggs in petri
dishes.  If they are not put toward scientific research, they will either be
thrown away or frozen indefinitely.  These cells will not be grown into
full-term babies.  Period.  No one has suggested aborting zygotes for the
purpose of embryonic stem cell research.
Seventy percent of Americans, including a majority of Catholics,
Fundamentalist Christians, and people who self-describe as "pro-life"
(including pro-life Conservatives like Senators Strom Thurmond, Orrin Hatch,
Susan Collins, and former Senator Connie Mack) support embryonic stem cell
Again, not opinions...just facts.  The last thing I want is to start a stem
cell research war on the listserve, but after a lot of thought and prayer,
I've decided I can't let comments like those go unchallenged.
Erin :)
Age 20 on Monday, diagnosed at age five

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Read these articles from these links.  Most diabetes stem cell research
is coming from adult stem cells.  This is important for those of you and
people you know that don't want "embryos" used for stem cell research.
Just an option for some people...

	BTW: sent these links in my letter to the President!  Best wishes to
INFORMATION!  Paranoid about flaring anything up!

Carrie, mom to Caityln, dx'd 20 months, 6 y.o. pumping one year TODAY!
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