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[IP] help! - a day at the water park

I need some input asap. Shannon (almost 11) was just invited to a
water park tomorrow with a friend (who is apparently going with
the youth group from her church.) She said she wasn't planning to
wear her pump (and I had concerns about that anyway - if she took
it off it could get lost or stolen, etc.) She'll be gone all day
- probably from 10:30am-7pm. My dilemma...what to do about
insulin? Should she just do shots of H all day and do lots of bgs
or should I give her a small dose of N in the morning (but that
will peak which I'm not real comfortable with)? Or should I just
insist she wear the pump? When she swims, etc, she tends to run
really low. I have no idea what to do and she can't go all day
with no insulin. And I can't go there with her (hubby is gone til
Mon. and I really don't want to dump all the other kids on
Courtney all day - not that I could with the baby anyway.) Any
suggestions?  Please respond privately to make sure I see it.:
mailto:email @ redacted

Take care, Kerri
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