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[IP] Exercising with high BG

I got this from another diabetes list (that Rabbi Meisels is the 'owner' 

>From: Rabbi Hirsch Meisels <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [FriendsWithDiabetes] Exercising with high BG
>Our doctors and CDE's have always told us that if blood sugar reaches 240,
>we should NOT exercise, since it will just raise numbers even higher, which
>increases the chance for ketones.  A physician once said: "Exercise is like
>a double edged sword, it lowers your BG when it's in normal range, but it
>raises your BG (blood glucose-sugars) when you're high"
>We find this only to be true when you don't have enough insulin in your
>system, but if one corrects the high BG with insulin, there should be no
>problem with exercise, (especially those on the pump).  Make sure to check
>your BG afterwards.
>Just be aware that you might need only half (1/2) of your usual correction
>bolus/insulin amt.  Don't do a full correction bolus, as you might end up
>This is my experience with high BG.  I would take the insulin (via shot not
>by pump), and use a diff. insulin to high BG ratio, (1:50 instead of 1:30),
>and exercise a short time after taking the shot (like a brisk walk for 20
>minutes).  It will bring down my BG faster.  I had no problems with ketones
>Remember, YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary)
>Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
>email @ redacted

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