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[IP] writing to the President and kindness to others

I just sent my email to President Bush. In recent months I have written to
my Congressman and both Senators, and sent several messages of various kinds
to the President. If you have not done so yet, please take action.
I remind all of you that the stem cells will be taken from frozen fertilized
eggs at fertility clinics that will otherwise be THROWN OUT.  Let some good
come from them.

Also, I think in most cases when people post here, they are trying to help.
Often it is a bit clumsy, but I believe the heart is good. Maybe we should
all re-read our posts and make sure they don't seem cruel. If we think we
will be thought cruel, then perhaps we can re-write the post more gently.

And, from the other side, if our question asks for advice, or says "any
advice welcome", perhaps we should remember that not everyone is graceful at
giving advice. Therefore, not every message will be tactfully written.
Perhaps we should just look for the meat of the message, and ignore any
emotionalism from the poster. I think many of us are always on edge from the
day to day stress and worry of diabetes, particularly if we are parents of a
child with diabetes. We react quickly, perhaps without sufficient thought.

Lets all give each other the benefit of the doubt.

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