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Re: [IP] perimenopause

In a message dated 7/6/01 7:42:27 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Any women out there like me going through perimenopause and having 
unstable insulin needs and BG's despite best efforts "fine-tuning"  >>

Yes.  The time for me which changes most is the 5 - 9 AM period.  I used to 
consistently need a higher basal rate then, and also a much higher bolus rate 
for breakfast.  Now that increased need is sometimes completely gone, 
possibly even to the point of a slightly decreased need.  But right now, for 
instance, it has returned.  I was slow to increase the basal rate this time, 
not knowing how long it would last, and because I am expecting it to decrease 
again, have been testing twice during the night (I always test between 2 and 
3 AM because of unpredictable stomach emptying among other things).  My basal 
rates do not seem to be decreasing at other times of day (they still increase 
as they have always done with cycles), but my carb ratio seems to change, 
becoming more insulin sensitive.  All very frustrating!!!

Linda Z
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