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[IP] MM Billing


I went through a horrible long drawn out mess when MM bought out 
Home Medical Supply, and I got these very long print outs of 
statements which didn' t match my hundred dollar a month 
payments at all and I couldn't tell anything, and one time my 
insurance paid all, one time it paid nothing, had to meet two 
deductibles (on paper), so I ended up calling the 
accounting/business manager, sent them copies of all my 
insurance and mm correspondence.  Took two months, but it was 
all cleared up, very favorably and correctly,  to me, I might add.   
While it took a day or so for the manager and I to connect and get 
all the facts straight, it was well worth the time and effort to make 
the copies and get our records matching. Once I did that, they 
worked it out.  

Like any computerized accounting system and any insurance 
company there will be glitches in the data entry and the system. I 
have found praying for extreme patience (for myself) and working 
through the system does pay off.  However, I always start at the 
top and let them know I am a MM supporter, but I can't handle this 
mess in the billings.  

They have always been terrific.  I figure it's worth a shot. 
Bonnie R. 
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