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Re: [IP]Should you exercise when high? (Here we go again....)

> > blood sugar reaches 200, I should NOT exercise.  They said that it will 
> > make my sugars go up.
>i have been told the same by all endos and a few books. it's one of the
>few DM things i have never questioned or testes (maybe because i hate
>DKA so much),
I find this to be true when you don't have enough insulin in your system
and since I'm on the pump I would do 1/2 of a correction bolus and then 
exercise and after the exercise test and I would drop to normal range - I 
don't do a full correction bolus as I will wind up low. But then again this 
is a YMMV kind of thing and depending on your exercise routine because if I 
decide to do heavy duty exercise I may bolus just 1/3 of the correction.

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