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Re: [IP] too much insulin

In a message dated 7/5/01 , Kay Guy writes:

> >Our biggest problem is that she wants to graze (snack often) and sometimes
> >forgets to bolus. Then it is hard to figure a correction bolus when I'm not
> >sure (she isn't either) of what she ate when.
> >Do any other parents have preteen / teen grazers who don't bolus 

I have a 16 y/o daughter who does the same thing and we're still trying to 
figure out a way to resolve the situation. I've spoken with pumpers in their 
20's about this problem hoping they would have some insight from their 
teenage years in dealing with diabetes, food, and insulin. Basically I've 
been advised that this is a tough age group and as long as my daughter is 
checking her bg's, bolusing and avoiding DKA, we are ahead of the game.
This wasn't an answer I had hoped to hear, so if anyone out there has some 
feedback on this issue, please share it.
Thanks in advance!
Linda V.
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