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You are a wonderful Mom and I for one have a great deal of respect for you
and every parent who has a diabetic child. Being a Mom is hard and being a
Mom to a diabetic is even more demanding. I hope that you are VERY proud of
your success and accomplishments with Rachel. Everybody makes mistakes,
including the person who emailed you. It came across as a personal attack
and I doubt that it was meant to. I hope that the emailer was just overly
concerned about Rachel. You original post was not that detailed, so I could
see how someone might think that Rachel was out "playing" or doing something
a little more active than watching a movie. The emailer made an
assumption/inference and we all know what that does.  I think it would be
very hard not to take the comments that were made personally but please try
to remember for every negative comment spoken (or apparent negative comment)
there are at least ten praising comments that never get spoken. Heck, if we
were to start criticizing for mistakes made _ I am sure I would make the top
ten list. I went on vacation with NO insulin. I was on injections at the
time and had 2 bags of diabetic stuff with me, yet, somehow with all of my
prep work- no insulin. And of course, we ate dinner late so I didn't notice
until we sat down in the restaurant at 9pm with a very large crowd of
friends and family. Needlessly to say, I had to go on a rather frantic
insulin scavenger hunt. Of course, the only 24 hour pharmacy was 30 minutes
away (from the hotel room, which was an addition 15 minutes away from the
restaurant) and the extra prescription was in the fridge with the insulin at
home!!! I am sure some people would say that I was a horrible diabetic for
forgetting the substance that keeps me alive, but such is life. I know that
regardless of my minor mishaps that I am a good diabetic just as you know in
your heart that you are a WONDERFUL Mom.
(hoping that she is as good of an Aunt as Missi is as a Mom)
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