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Re: [IP] problem with minimed billing

Just an update to what has happened since I last wrote to you all. My 
wonderful hubby called our insurance company last night and spent over an 
hour on the phone going over all the bill MM has summated. According to 
CIGNA, the maximum out of pocket expenses I should have total from 2 years of 
pumping in 563.00. In fact, this next shipment should cost me nothing because 
as a family we have a $1500.00 maximum on all out of pocket expenses and we 
havemet that! They are sending us a complete print out of all bills. They 
also said they have a contract with MM which states that MM must accept the 
contracted rate and cannot charge me the difference.
So, afterthat phone call, hubby called MM. After 1 hr and 10 minutes of going 
back and forth trying to get a manager( including someone saying that they 
stood up and looked around and no one is there), speaking with a girl who 
finally went over some of the bills, we got a manager on the phone. We have 
found out that I am being charged for the difference. In fact last Aug I 
should have paid $23.00 and they want over $400.00. 
CIGNA told us to call themback so they can file a violation of there contract 
and not to pay anything until they settle this with MM.
In the mean time, MM is kind enough to send me overnight 2 infusion sets 
until the matter is settled (my supplies run out in a week).
Does anyone know if you can use any other companies infusion sets with a MM? 
I thinking about paying cash for a box until things are settled. 
Oh, hubby also mentioned that we were going to post the results here, and the 
MM was not to happy abort that. :)
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