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[IP] Diabetes and Pregnancy Book

I can't tell you a certain book to buy because I never really found one either.  Several books briefly mention gestational diabetes, and I found one old 70's book that had a page or so on diabetes, but that's about it.  My son is 2 months now, and it was scary at times during the pregnancy. The ob/gyn was good and very thorough and I had confidence in him, but the bg's were crazy!  At
first I was afraid to lower my basals because everyone told me I'd need MORE insulin, not less.  So early in the pregnancy I had a lot of lows.  Finally figured out to lower my basals, then they started needing increasing again.  Every day was a new science experiment. The ob had me do non-stress tests with a fetal monitor twice a week the last two months or so. (and that's EXPENSIVE).
I'm relieved that my son is just fine.  He seems to be in perfect health despite being almost three weeks early.
Good luck finding the books, but know that you can talk to everyone here if you don't find the material you are looking for!

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Who doesn't get much sleep, but has a very beautiful baby
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