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[IP] Re: IP] Six ways to "K.I.S.S."(*)

Sara wrote:
>4. Infusion set K.I.S.S.
>Do you change the tubing each time, or are you just changing the infusion end?

I change the tubing every other time, which is when I fill the reservoir.

>Do you change the tubing when you change the reservoir?

Yes, that's what I do.

>How do you prevent bubbles from getting between the reservoir and tubing 
>when putting more insulin in the reservoir? Or is this not a problem?

This is not a problem, since refilling a reservoir with insulin is no 
different, bubble-wise, than changing a reservoir. To refill the reservoir, 
I stop the pump, disconnect the QR, remove the reservoir+tubing from the 
pump cavity, pull back on the pump piston to pull the insulin in the tubing 
back into the reservoir, and disconnect the tubing from the reservoir. Now 
the reservoir is disconnected from everything, but is partially filled with 
insulin. I follow a normal reservoir-fill procedure from here.

>Oops, I guess that was more than one question... :-O

Yeah, but I tricked you, I only gave you ONE answer! <g>

regards, Andy
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