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Re: [IP] problem with minimed billing

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Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2001 6:11 PM
Subject: [IP] problem with minimed billing


What a horrible surprise.  I noticed my EOB showed that my BC/BS didn't pay
for something and I have been waiting for MM to send me a bill and it has
been about  a month and a half, but haven't received one yet.  Sounds like a
poor way to run a business.  I recently contacted a diabetic supply co. here
in Michigan to buy all my testing AND MM supplies through.  They accept what
my insurance pays as payment in full.  You might want to check to see if you
can find a company that does that in the area you live.  I was thrilled when
someone posted the info on the list regarding this company.  I know it
doesn't help with your current situation, but maybe for future orders.  I
wish you the best in working this out.  How frustrating!  As someone else
posted, I would certainly contact my insurance co. &  get specifics on
monies owed from MM.  I have saved myself lots of money by questioning
bills, billing errors and my insurance co.

Good Luck!

> I have been having a horrible past weeks with minimed. I placed my order
> usual a few weeks ago. About a week after I placed my order I received my
> usual phone to confirm shipment. Everything was going OK until the rep
> me I have a CO-payment of $200.00 and a past due figure of over $2000.00.
> Every other order I have placed I have never been told of a balance, nor
> I been told I had a copayment.
> The original insurance company I had covered all my pump and insulin
> in full. When we changed companies 2 years ago, I asked when they
> my order if it was fully covered and I was told it was. Now, they are
> it is not. I have been told some of my orders have been quoted as 100%
> coverage and others at 80%. But they  were either paid at 80% or not at
> When I asked the rep why I have never received a bill other then my
> statement (which shows no balance due at all either past or present) she
> MM does not send out bills!! So am I supposed to assume how much I owe if
> any. She said that I should go by the EOB that my insurance company sends
> Number one, I have never received an EOB for MM and number two, the ones I
> receive for DR "S visits, etc., say this is not a bill.[ I also do not get
> one for RX) . I was told that I have pay the balance before I can get any
> other shipments (which I cannot do) and to fight with the insurance
> my self.
> Sorry this is so long, but I am so angry. If anyone has any suggestions or
> has had to deal with this with them before please let me know. Up until
> time, I have never had a problem with MM, but the last month has been
> horrible.
> Linda W
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