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[IP]Should you exercise when high? (Here we go again....)

In a message dated 7/5/01 2:31:36 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> My experience with high BG, to take the insulin (via shot not by pump) and
> to exercise a short time after taking the shot (like a brisk walk for 20
> minutes), it brings down the BG faster

I'm sorry but I need to say that my doctors have always told me that after my 
blood sugar reaches 200, I should NOT exercise.  They said that it will just 
make my sugars go up.  This has always been told to me by many different docs 
and I tested it out a couple of times and found it to be true. (For me at 
least)  We have some docs on the list, maybe we should ask them what they 
think of that??
Just a little confused, 
Elizabeth and 'Bruno' (Dis Dtron)
(started on Tinkerbell... Dis Htron)
Also using (nameless) Freestyle meter, works great!!!
Pumping since 4-21-01
Dx 10-01-81... Type 1  
Florida.... Where it's so DARN HOT!!!!!!
Remember.... 'Diabetics are naturally sweet!!!!'
And... it's NOT the heat, it's the HUMIDITY!!! LMAO!!!
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