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Re: [IP] problem with minimed billing


Have you spoken with a manager at MM?

You will want to contact your insurance co and see if they were ever billed
for these items. Don't take anyone's word for it until you have documented
proof that items were billed and/or denied. Also, is MM going to send you an
itemized bill of the charges that you supposedly owe? If not I would be
highly suspicious of them. I have dealt with MM in the past and have not had
this trouble.

Another thing you want to make sure of is that you write everything down and
get the name and number of everyone you talk to. That way you always have a
recourse of action if you start hearing conflicting stories. I would hope
that MM would want to resolve this with you in a fair manner. I agree, why
weren't you told that you had a balance? I would have that questions
answered first by MM and then check and see if these are covered items by
your insurance. Who knows, maybe they were billed incorrectly, maybe the
paperwork was done wrong.

I used to work for a diabetes supply distributor and there are tons of ways
suppliers and insurance carriers can goof things up and then the only person
left hurting is the consumer. Make sure you get everything in writing,
demand it. You have a right to know what you are being charged for, why, and
why items are covered, not covered or denied. It will take a lot of
paperwork on your part but it will be well worth it if your supplies are

Good luck and keep us updated!


> From: email @ redacted
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> Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 18:11:19 EDT
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] problem with minimed billing
> I have been having a horrible past weeks with minimed. I placed my order as
> usual a few weeks ago. About a week after I placed my order I received my
> usual phone to confirm shipment. Everything was going OK until the rep told
> me I have a CO-payment of $200.00 and a past due figure of over $2000.00.
> Every other order I have placed I have never been told of a balance, nor have
> I been told I had a copayment.
> The original insurance company I had covered all my pump and insulin supplies
> in full. When we changed companies 2 years ago, I asked when they confirmed
> my order if it was fully covered and I was told it was. Now, they are saying
> it is not. I have been told some of my orders have been quoted as 100%
> coverage and others at 80%. But they  were either paid at 80% or not at all.
> When I asked the rep why I have never received a bill other then my shipping
> statement (which shows no balance due at all either past or present) she said
> MM does not send out bills!! So am I supposed to assume how much I owe if
> any. She said that I should go by the EOB that my insurance company sends me.
> Number one, I have never received an EOB for MM and number two, the ones I
> receive for DR "S visits, etc., say this is not a bill.[ I also do not get
> one for RX) . I was told that I have pay the balance before I can get any
> other shipments (which I cannot do) and to fight with the insurance company
> my self. 
> Sorry this is so long, but I am so angry. If anyone has any suggestions or
> has had to deal with this with them before please let me know. Up until this
> time, I have never had a problem with MM, but the last month has been
> horrible.
> Linda W 
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